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Financial Assistance


Emergency Financial Assistance:

We provide short term basic needs to eligible, needy Wayne County Veterans and their dependents. 

Our emergency financial assistance is to meet the basic needs of life such as food, shelter, essential utility services, etc.  It is restricted in length of time depending on needs and circumstances. 

It is not a pension program. It is not meant to sustain a lifestyle. It is not meant to replace lost wages. 

How to qualify:

  • Present a copy of your DD-214 or military discharge showing service under honorable conditions.

  • Present proof of being a bona fide resident of Wayne County.

  • Complete the application showing a complete record of all income and expense budget. Clearly explain what financial assistance is needed and why.

  • Present a photo ID of yourself.

  • The value of all financial “assets” shall be disclosed: cash-on-hand, bank accounts, certificates of deposit, credit union accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRA’s etc.

You may be required to:

  • To actively seek employment if you’re able bodied.

  • To present a Doctor’s report if you are disabled.

  • To provide proof of medical expenses.

  • To obtain personal budget counseling.

  • To apply for all other County, State and Federal benefits for which you may qualify.

  • If you are able-bodied and otherwise employable, we generally require that you find and keep employment.

Financial Assistance is generally limited to no more than three to four times in a year if you are able to work.

Please phone our office for more information, or to make an appointment with a Service Officer.


In many cases, the Service Officer may be able to respond immediately to your request with either an approval or denial.

You may be approved

After the initial interview, the Service Officer may be able to respond in your favor.

You may be denied

After the initial interview, the Service Officer may not be able to grant your request. Reasons for denial will be explained.

If you are denied

The Service Officer may need to refer your application to the next monthly meeting of the 5 member Veterans’ Service Commission for its approval.

You have the right to appeal any denial of assistance to the Veterans’ Service Commission.

You have the right to present your case in person or in writing to the next meeting of the commission. You must sign the “Notice of Appeal” to have your appearance scheduled by the Commission.


Last Updated:12/16/2014

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